Bachelor In Paradise 3, Episode 7 Struggle Bus

Vinny and Izzy break up over Lamp. Vinny leaves the show, and his raw man pain affects everyone. Evan expresses sympathy, though I doubt he really respects any man who can’t con a woman into liking him. The cast pulls funeral faces, collectively mourning a relationship of three weeks, predicated on tequila and required bathing suit time.

Funeral Faces.png
Then we welcome back newlyweds Jade and Tanner, a Bachelor In Paradise success story that began when Ashley called dibs on Jared, forcing Jade to date her second choice. They return because ABC owns them, and they are quickly put to work evaluating the couples to determine who should win a bonus date.

This is how Tanner sums up the couples: Evan likes Carly, and she is trying her best to like him back. Lace hasn’t said I love you back to Grant, which is a concern. Josh is a crazy person with an ulterior motive. Nick should let himself get hurt again. Lastly, Tanner thinks his friend, Everyone’s Boyfriend, has earned a Caila. In a move surprising no one, Tanner’s friend and Caila win the date! After agreeing that Ashley is holding them back, they strip to their underwear and fool around knee deep in a stream.

The next day, Carly tells us Evan is asexual, only to have Twins, in coordinating rompers, announce that Evan has a Sweat Lodge Date Card. Evan escorts Carly to a confined area, dehydrates her, and the men overseeing this ritual profess to see hearts in the steaming rocks. Carly and Evan make out, and she is one of several women that compliments Evan by saying she is surprised to like him at all.

Meanwhile, Ashley details all the ways she is manipulating Everybody’s Boyfriend into distrusting Caila. Everyone’s Boyfriend mentions to Caila some insecurities that Ashley planted, which forces the women into a confrontation. Everybody’s Boyfriend is thrilled.
Watch Out For Caila.png

Caila has been tricked into a bidding war over someone she “70% likes,” and Ashley is the wingman you didn’t know you needed.


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